iTrust's offer to assist your company in complying with the new European regulation consists of four steps.

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GDPR Training

GDPR training provides an opportunity to review the new rules and to learn about the tools that have been mandatory since May 2018, in order to launch compliance as soon as possible in your organization. This training is targeted to DPO/CIO/Security Manager/Quality and Compliance Manager.

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GDPR Audit of compliance

The objective of this audit is to take an assessment of the current status of the GDPR requirements and then to propose an action plan for compliance with the requirements of the GDPR.

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Assistance in compliance

On the basis of the study and the mapping, ITrust supports you in complying with the GDPR defined by the action plan in the previous step.

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Assistance in internal and external communication of this compliance process

ITrust offers organizations to capitalize on its GDPR compliance with its employees as well as its customers, prospects and business partners. Indeed, compliance with the relevant standards represents a significant competitive added value.