The solution to help you concretely in compliance

Your compliance can be complex, tedious and time consuming: we have the solution!

Privaciz Coach is the alliance of our best GDPR referents and a powerful tool to support you in establishing your processing register, the cornerstone of your GDPR system, requested by the CNIL. Every business has had to be GDPR compliant since May 2018, and controls are intensifying today.

Do not wait any longer.

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Our Privaciz Coach solution is:

  • The provision of a coach by telephone to assist your DPO or data controller in the construction of the register requested by the CNIL.
  • An easy-to-use collaborative tool allowing all stakeholders to contribute to the completeness of this register.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) governs the processing of personal data in the territory of the European Union. This regulation, applicable since May 2018, strengthens the control by citizens of the use that may be made of their personal data.

4 steps for compliance with the GDPR established by the CNIL:

  • List the processing operations in a data processing register
  • Sort the data to see if it is needed for processing
  • Respect the rights and choices of clients
  • Securise the data

Focusing on step 1, Privaciz Coach allows you to facilitate your compliance by helping you establish your data processing register, a document that will be requested by the CNIL in the event of an audit.

The Privaciz Coach offer was designed for your teams:

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Data processing managers: Sales Director, Administrative and Financial Director, Human Resources Director, Communications Director, Logistics Director, Information Systems Director, Technical Director, Subsidiary Director, Business Unit Director ...


How it works ?

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Start your compliance process with Privaciz Coach!

We help you establish your data processing register, a document that will be requested by the CNIL in the event of an inspection, through these 3 phases:

Processing data steps

Benefit from personalized GDPR coaching based on our collaborative tool Privaciz DPO allowing all stakeholders in your organization to contribute to the completeness of this register.


Introductory offer

Free inventory of your GDPR!

Get a free diagnosis with one of our coaches before you start, with no commitment.
This is an essential step before you develop your processing register.


Choosing Privaciz Coach means:

+ Serenity

  • A real expert coach, referent who accompanies you step by step to simplify your approach
  • Privaciz DPO, the secure tool with an easy to use interface, accessible 24/7 for the duration of the coaching

+ Savings

  • A solution that allows you to get started in compliance without heavy investments and with cost control and a single price

+ Efficiency

  • At the end of this coaching, you will have established your processing register, the 1st step towards GDPR compliance



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In addition

Privaciz Request

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privaciz request

Privaciz Request provides a centralized management of the exercise of the rights of Customers, Employees and Citizens.

Privaciz Model

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privaciz model

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