Privaciz Model offers support for GDPR modeling, representing sensitive data, relevant stakeholders, affected IS parts, subcontractors and associated contracts, etc.

Privaciz Model

The entire company is concerned by the GDPR regulations. The proper consideration of GDPR requires in particular taking into account its processes, its organization, its IS, an interaction with the business rules, goals and requirements and a detailed knowledge of the data.

Privaciz Model offers a modeling support centered on the GDPR concepts (eg sensitive data, DPO, data controller, ...) not requiring any other learning than the knowledge of GDPR. It generates high-level documentation (HTML, Word), including descriptions, templates, traceability matrices, overviews, and important levels of detail.

Privaciz Model provides Enterprise Architecture modeling support, with integrated and integrated support for UML, BPMN, ArchiMate languages, consistent with GDPR modeling. It allows you to use an Enterprise Architecture model (eg data models, business process models, technical architecture models), especially through the standard XMI, BPMN XML and ArchiMate exchange formats.

Services of Privaciz Model

  • Dedicated GDPR modeling - specialized diagrams, methodological guides
  • Shared repository modeling, ensuring the absence of duplicate descriptions, the support of the workgroup, and the permanent consistency of the model.
  • Automatic creation of focus diagrams (on sensitive data, on roles) providing useful cross-lighting on the model and the company.
  • Full traceability and impact analysis (eg impact of changing an application, setting a repository cloud, ...)
  • Integrated modeling "Enterprise Architecture"
  • Document generation of GDPR reports: more explicit, written and detailed than the RGPD registers, these make it possible to structure a shared information, and maintainability of the whole of the company in the face of GDPR requirements and evolutions.

Exchanges with Privaciz DPO, allowing to create the model from Privaciz DPO data, to produce high-level documentation for Privaciz DPO, to perform impact analyzes, or conversely to initiate Privaciz DPO work from the models. *1

*1 – Availability 1st semester 2021

In addition

Privaciz Request

User requests management

privaciz request

Privaciz Request provides a centralized management of the exercise of the rights of Customers, Employees and Citizens.

Privaciz DPO

DPO compliance support

privaciz dpo

A collaborative SaaS tool for any organization, supporting the production of all records of processing activities for the GDPR compliance.