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Privacy Policy


The policy described in this document aims to regulate the regulatory compliance of the processing of personal data, the respect of the Privacy and rights of the persons concerned for the establishment of the site by the SOFTEAM company.

The reference texts of this policy are the European Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (entitled “RGPD” Regulation in this document) and the “Informatique et Libertés” law. No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, as amended. The terms used in the definition of this policy are those defined in the regulation “RGPD”. These are the terms Processing, Personal Data or Personal Data, Persons Concerned, Processing Manager, Subcontractor, Data Protection Officer or Data Protection Officer or DPO.

SOFTEAM is particularly committed to respecting and protecting personal data. We undertake to define and apply the appropriate measures to guarantee the protection of the Privacy of the Concerned Persons and the security of the treatment (s) of your personal data.

In order to ensure the proper application of these rules, SOFTEAM, the company holding the e-Citiz brand, has appointed a Data Protection Officer who is the preferred contact for these matters.

Purposes of the treatment

This website handles the processing of personal data it collects for the sole purpose of:

  • Respond to your requests expressed via the forms or by using the means of contact available on this website,
  • You provide information or invite you to events, for the purpose of commercial prospecting,
  • Facilitate your navigation by developing statistics of use of this website,
  • Allow you to apply for a position within our company,
  • Allow us to develop together a possible partnership.

Our company implements this treatment according to its legitimate interest and in order to answer the requests that you send us. The collection of information of this treatment is based on the explicit consent of the Concerned People.

Entering information into forms and receiving communications and prospecting actions is optional. The data to fill in the forms are mandatory to allow us to get back to you and identify your needs and requests.

Personal data

In accordance with the regulations “RGPD”, our company carries out the collection and processing of personal data according to the principle of loyalty and lawfulness. This data includes the following categories:

  • Identity (eg names, first names, contact details)
  • Personal life (eg your details, your hobbies when you indicate them in a CV)
  • Professional life (eg organization, nature of organization, function, projects in progress)
  • Login data (cookies)
  • Location data (derived from the IP address from which you are visiting the site)

Our company makes sure to update, as much as possible, the personal data collected throughout the processing so that they are not obsolete.

Limited data retention

Our company retains personal data respecting the time necessary to achieve the purposes of processing, while respecting the applicable legal and regulatory limits.

When you are a Client or Partner of our company, your data are kept for the duration of the contract, and 3 years after its conclusion, unless specific legal constraints.

When you are Prospect of our company, your data are kept for 3 years from the last contact we had with you, unless specific legal constraints.

When you are a candidate for a position, your application data are kept for 2 years, except for hiring within the workforce of our company.

Finally, cookies have a validity period of 100 days maximum.

Restricted access to data

Only duly authorized recipients can access, as part of an access management policy, the information necessary for their activity. Indeed, our company defines the rules of access and confidentiality applicable to the personal data processed.


Our company defines and implements the organizational and technical measures necessary to protect the processing of personal data to prevent unauthorized access by third parties and to prevent any loss, alteration or disclosure of data.

Rights of Concerned Persons

Prior to the implementation of the treatment, our company informs the Concerned People. The information is made via this document.

In accordance with the reference texts, you have the following rights: information, access, modification, deletion, limitation, opposition, notification, submission of a complaint to the CNIL; and where applicable: portability and withdrawal of consent.

In order to exercise these rights, please refer to the section entitled Service for the respect of the rights of the Concerned Persons.

Profiling and scoring: cookies

In order to optimize and improve the quality of the services offered to you and their adequacy with your expectations, our company is likely to use “cookies”. By accessing our websites and continuing your browsing, you agree to the implementation and use of cookies on your device, and you acknowledge having read the information provided to you regarding the use of cookies. these cookies, and the means you have in particular to oppose them.

Major Actors of Data Protection:

The person concerned

Person to whom belong the personal data processed.

As part of the processing carried out by SOFTEAM, the Person concerned has the following rights: information, access, modification, deletion, limitation, opposition, notification, submission of a complaint to the CNIL; and where applicable: portability and withdrawal of consent.

The treatment manager

It determines the purposes and the means of the treatment. For the treatments carried out via the e-Citiz website, this is the SOFTEAM company, domiciled at 21 Avenue Victor HUGO in Paris, represented by its President.

The department responsible for the implementation of the treatment

By delegation of the data controller, the commercial service e-Citiz implements the website

This service communicates the data to the following actors:

Recipients of the data

He is legitimately entitled to receive the data communication.

The data collected on the website of e-Citiz are exclusively reserved for the use of e-Citiz, and are not the subject of any session to third parties. In order to best meet your requests and needs, the data collected can be shared within the SOFTEAM group.


It processes personal data on behalf of the controller. He is acting on instructions from SOFTEAM with whom he has signed a contract. This contract must contain the SOFTEAM requirements for the protection of personal data.

 The Data Protection Officer

SOFTEAM has appointed a Data Protection Officer (or DPO) for the group that includes the e-Citiz business unit within its scope of activities. The DPO ensures compliance with the RGPD within SOFTEAM entities including the e-Citiz Business Unit, accompanies the teams during the implementation of treatments, supervises the processing of requests related to the protection of personal data, informs and sensitize the employees of the company.

The DPO benefits from organizational measures and technical means enabling it to steer the compliance of SOFTEAM and all of its organizational units.

The Service in charge of the Respect of the Rights of the Concerned People

To exercise your rights you can request the DPO of SOFTEAM, by sending a postal mail to:

To the attention of the DPO
21, avenue Victor Hugo
75116 PARIS

or an email to:

In order to validate the legitimacy of your request, a signed application, accompanied by a photocopy of a valid identity document bearing your signature may be requested. We will also ask you to give us contact information to send you an answer.